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Hot Metal Bridge

Pittsburgh’s Hot Metal Bridge links the Bridgeside technology campus (home to MMG) to cafes, shops and restaurants in the South Side Works.

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Chemical Genetics

Close-up view of a kinase domain active site, genetically modified to accommodate a selective inhibitor.

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Nef SH3 Interface

Molecular model of the interface between the HIV-1 virulence factor, Nef and the host cell signaling protein, Hck.

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Drosophila Embryo

Drosophila Embryo showing Nervous System (Red) and GFP-positive Hemocytes.

Events & Seminars

MMG Special Seminar and Reception for Dr. Michael Parniak
"40 years in biomedical research - where did the time go?" Learn more>
MMG Seminar Series presents Dr. Billy Tsai
"How a non-enveloped virus penetrates a biological membrane to cause disease" Learn more>
MMG Seminar Series presents Dr. Dirk Dittmer
"Trying to Understand and Treat Viral Lymphoma"  Learn more>


Bridgeside Research Forum 2015-2016
The Bridgeside Research Forum is a seminar given by postdocs and graduate students every Friday from 12-1pm during the academic year. Learn more>
Pitt study may offer way to fight superbugs!
A recent publication by Dr. Montelaro has attracted media coverage both locally and nationally. Learn more>
PET Scans Help Identify Effective TB Drugs, Says Pitt School of Medicine Study
Congratulations to the Flynn Lab! Learn more>