Brian C. Russo, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Brian Russo



PhD in Molecular Virology and Microbiology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2013

MA in Biotechnology, Boston University, 2008

BA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Boston University, 2008


Gerard J. Nau, MD, PhD


Areas of Interest

Host pathogen interactions, Francisella tularensis

Why I Chose Pitt

I chose the University of Pittsburgh because there was a diverse faculty with interesting research projects. There were many core facilities that would be able to enhance the research, such as the Center for Biological Imaging and the Regional Biocontainment Laboratory. The city of Pittsburgh seemed like a great place to live on the graduate student stipend.

After his graduation, Brian accepted a position as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Marcia Goldberg at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.


Schmitt, D. M; O'Dee, D. M; Horzempa, J; Carlson, P. E., Jr; Russo, B. C; Bales, J. M; Brown, M. J; and Nau, G. J. (2012) A Francisella tularensis Live Vaccine Strain That Improves Stimulation of Antigen-Presenting Cells Does Not Enhance Vaccine Efficacy. PLoS One. 7: e31172 |  View Abstract

Russo, B. C; Horzempa, J; O'Dee, D. M; Schmitt, D. M; Brown, M. J; Carlson, P. E., Jr; Xavier, R. J; and Nau, G. J. (2011) A Francisella tularensis locus required for spermine responsiveness is necessary for virulence. Infect Immun. 79: 3665-3676. |  View Abstract

Horzempa, J; Shanks, R. M; Brown, M. J; Russo, B. C; O'Dee, D. M; and Nau, G. J. (2010) Utilization of an unstable plasmid and the I-SceI endonuclease to generate routine markerless deletion mutants in Francisella tularensis. J Microbiol Methods. 80: 106-108. |  View Abstract