Chengqun Sun, MD, PhD

Research Associate

Dr. Chengqun Sun


Fax: 412-624-4440

9032 Biomedical Science Tower III

3501 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15261


PhD in Veterinary, Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences (CAAS), 2004

MS in Public Health, Harbin Medical University, Public Health School, 1990

MD, Southeast University, Medical School, 1987

Research Summary

My research will focus on one or more of three areas: 1) examining the mechanisms and points of action of interferon-inducible antiviral effector proteins, 2) attachment and entry characteristics of the above viruses and mutants thereof and 3) cloning for construction of various viruses and vaccine vectors.  There will be work with cell lines engineered to overexpress proteins as well as primary cells harvested from animals and infection of mice.

Why I Chose Pitt

I like the University of Pittsburgh.


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Sun, C; Chu, J; Singh, S; and Salter, R. D. (2010) Identification and characterization of a novel variant of the human P2X(7) receptor resulting in gain of function. Purinergic Signal. 6: 31-45. |  View Abstract

Sun, C; Zhang, B; Jin, J; and Montelaro, R. C. (2008) Binding of equine infectious anemia virus to the equine lentivirus receptor-1 is mediated by complex discontinuous sequences in the viral envelope gp90 protein. J Gen Virol. 89: 2011-2019. |  View Abstract

Zhang, B; Sun, C; Jin, S; Cascio, M; and Montelaro, R. C. (2008) Mapping of equine lentivirus receptor 1 residues critical for equine infectious anemia virus envelope binding. J Virol. 82: 1204-1213. |  View Abstract