Cristian Apetrei, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Apetrei


Fax: 412-624-4400

9044 Biomedical Science Tower 3

3501 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15261-1308


MD, University of Iasi (Romania)

PhD in Microbiology, University of Iasi (Romania)

Research Summary

Dr. Apetrei's laboratory focuses on the study of the HIV/SIV diversity and pathogenesis. By using monkey models, we are currently studying the mechanisms of viral adaptation in new hosts and the events associated with viral emergence. We identified and characterized new SIVsmm strains that harbor a genetic diversity that is similar to that of HIV-1 group M subtypes and thus can be used in rhesus macaques to improve the currently available animal models. To better understand the correlates of immune protection in HIV infection, we are using various models of SIV infection in natural African nonhuman primate hosts. In these species, SIVs are not pathogenic in the vast majority of cases. Since no vaccine strategy currently developed seems to be effective, these alternative approaches may be essential in the control of AIDS pandemic.

Research Lab Affiliation


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