Jamie Moroco, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. Jamie Moroco



PhD in Molecular Pharmacology, University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, 2013

BS in Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, 2007


Thomas Smithgall, PhD


Areas of Interest

I am interested in the structural dynamics of the Src family kinases and how a better understanding of their mechanisms of activation can lead to more effective and targeted therapies for HIV and cancer.

Why I Chose Pitt

I like the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the university, the diverse research interests of the faculty, and the translational aspect of the research from bench to bedside at the UPMC hospitals. And because I love Pittsburgh!

Following her graduation, Dr. Moroco accepted a position as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the lab of Dr. John Engen at Northeastern University.


Moroco JA, Alvarado JJ, Yeh JI, and Smithgall TE. "Diversity in the Control of individual Src-family kinases by their SH3 domains." April 9-13, 2011. Experimental Biology, Washington, DC.


Lee, J; Su, E. W; Zhu, C; Hainline, S; Phuah, J; Moroco, J. A; Smithgall, T. E; Kuchroo, V. K; and Kane, L. P. (2011) Phosphotyrosine-dependent coupling of Tim-3 to TCR signaling pathways. Mol. Cell. Biol. 31: 3963-3974. |  View Abstract

Alvarado J. J; Betts L; Moroco J. A; Smithgall T. E; and Yeh, J. I. (2010) Crystal structure of the Src family kinase Hck SH3-SH2 linker regulatory region supports an SH3-dominant activation mechanism. J. Biol. Chem. 285: 35455-35461. |  View Abstract