Olabisi Ojo, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

Olabisi Ojo



W111 Biomedical Science Tower

200 Lothrop Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15261


PhD in Microbiology, University College Cork, Cork Ireland

MSc in Biochemistry, Univeristy of Lagos, Lagos Nigeria

BSc in Biochemistry, Univeristy of Benin, Benin City Nigeria

Research Summary

My research involves cell trafficking in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis. Using the mouse model, (with some work in the monkey model), I am employing immunobiology techniques to understand the role of Tumor Necrosis Factor and its receptors, in regulating the granuloma formation by characterizing the mechanisms by which it influences the control of M. tuberculosis infection and to examine the biological roles of cell the type-specific cytokines and receptors in tuberculosis infection.

I am also involved in the development of an Agent Based Modeling of M. tuberculosis predictive spread and other aspects of disease dynamics, under the Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS) program. I am carrying out primary data collection and tools learning for modeling tuberculosis focusing on Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

I am also interested in the molecular epidemiology of bacteria pathogens using novel methods exploiting polymorphisms on the genome of the bacteria; as well as Infectious diseases epidemiology, surveillance and global health.

Research Lab Affiliation

Why I Chose Pitt

- One of the best universities in the US
- There is great opportunity to develop as a scientist
- Fantastic Postdoctoral Association
- Opportunity for World Class expertise & mentorship  with Prof. JoAnne Flynn and other researchers in the department and the University at large.


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  • Ojo OO; Sheehan S; Corcoran GD; O’Sullivan M; Brown T; Drobniewski F; Hinds J; Gould K; Butcher P; Sanders M; Rose G; Quail M; Parkhill J; Prentice MB. Comparative Genomic Analysis of M. tuberculosis isolates from a 2007 Preschool Tuberculosis Outbreak in Cork, Ireland. Tuberculosis: Immunology, Cell Biology and Novel Vaccination Strategies. Keystone Symposia Global Health Series. Jan 15 - 20, 2011, Vancouver, Canada.


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