Patrick S. Moore, MD, MPH

Distinguished Professor

Dr. Moore


Fax: 412-623-7715

1.8C Hillman Cancer Center

5117 Centre Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213-1862


MD, University of Utah

MPH in Epidemiology, University of California, Berkeley

Research Summary

Our lab investigates viral causes of human malignancy and identifies new cancer-causing viruses using digital transcriptome subtraction. We currently focus on two agents we have discovered, KSHV (the viral cause of Kaposi’s sarcoma) and MCV (the viral cause for most Merkel cell carcinomas). We focus on the basic molecular virology of transformation as well as develop assays that have clinical value in detecting tumor virus infection. Most recently, we have characterized MCV mutations that truncate the MCV T antigen helicase to disable viral replication in tumors. We have also developed MCV T antigen monoclonal antibodies and virus-like particle serologic tests that allow us to screen patients and tissues for MCV infection. Additional research involves the search for potential KSHV vaccine candidates through analysis of latent KSHV protein immune processing.  

Research Lab Affiliation


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