Purushottam S. Narute, PhD

Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow

Dr. Puru Narute



PhD in Infectious Diseases and Microbiolgy, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health, 2012

DVM, Nagpur Veterinary College, Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University, Nagpur (India), 2003

MVSc, Indian Verterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar (India), 2005


Infectious Diseases and Microbiology (GSPH)


Thomas Smithgall, PhD


Areas of Interest

New drug discovery for HIV-1

Why I Chose Pitt

Following his graduation from the University of Pittsburgh, Purushottam accepted a position as a Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow in the Critical Care Medicine Department at the National Institutes of Health. There he will be performing clinical research for pulmonary inflammation.


Marcsisin, S. R; Narute, P. S; Emert-Sedlak, L. A; Kloczewiak, M; Smithgall, T. E; and Engen, J. R. (2011) On the solution conformation and dynamics of the HIV-1 Virion Infectivity Factor. J. Mol. Biol. 410: 1008-1022. |  View Abstract