Satoshi Nakajima, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nakajima


Fax: 412-623-7763

2.6 Hillman Cancer Center

5117 Centre Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213-1862


PhD in Molecular Biology, Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan)

Research Summary

Genome stability is maintained by a complicated network including DNA repair, DNA replication, transcription, cell cycle checkpoint, chromatin remodeling, and apoptosis. These pathways do not work independently but closely cooperate with each other. It is difficult to explain function and relationship of the network entirely by existing known factors. The current focus of Dr. Nakajima’s research is to identify a novel factor by a unique screening method to clarify the complicated network. Using biological, genetics, proteomics, and biochemical techniques, Dr. Nakajima will investigate functions and significance of identified genes. Potential of the characterized proteins as a diagnosis tool and an alternative therapy for the radiation resistance cancer will be expected.

Research Lab Affiliation


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