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DNA Replication and Repair

This research area focuses on the molecular mechanisms of DNA replication in microorganisms as well as the repair responses of mammalian cells following exposure to DNA damaging agents. Specific projects include mechanisms of rolling-circle replication of antibiotic resistance plasmids in bacteria, the role of protein kinases in DNA damage signal transduction, and relationship of DNA repair to cancer and aging.

Dr. Vaughn Cooper
Vaughn S Cooper

Associated Labs

Cooper Lab

The primary goal of our laboratory is to understand how bacterial populations evolve and adapt to colonize hosts and cause disease. We are particularly focused on how bacterial populations form complex communities within biofilms and how cells perceive cues to attach or disperse. Learn more>


Associated Publications

Alteration of microRNA profiles in squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck cell lines by human papillomavirus. Head & Neck. 33: 504-512. | View Abstract
Anand, S. P; and Khan, S. A. (2010) Plasmid segregation: birds of a feather try not to flock together. J Bacteriol. 192: 1171-1174. | View Abstract
Guerrero-Santoro, J; Levine, A. S; and Rapic-Otrin, V. (2011) Co-localization of DNA repair proteins with UV-induced DNA damage in locally irradiated cells. Methods Mol Biol. 682: 149-161. | View Abstract