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Early Development, Epigenetics, and Stem Cell Biology

MMG investigators in this group are interested in the molecular mechanisms controlling embryonic stem (ES) cell as well as tissue-specific stem cell growth and differentiation, the early stages of embryogenesis, and the application of these findings to the regenerative medicine. Specific projects include genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that regulate ES cell differentiation, genomic imprinting in ES cell biology, the impact of aging on stem cells and tissue regeneration, and kinase signaling pathways in Drosophila development.

Dr. Cohen
Justus B. Cohen
Research Instructor
Dr. Glorioso
Joseph C. Glorioso III
Dr. Goins
William F. Goins
Research Assistant Professor

Associated Labs

Glorioso Lab

Dr. Glorioso’s most recent research has focused on (i) the design and application of HSV gene vectors for exploring the molecular events that occur in sensory afferents that are involved in the transition from acute to chronic pain. Learn more>

Associated Publications

Rugo, R. E; Mutamba, J. T; Mohan, K. N; Yee, T; Chaillet, J. R; Greenberger, J. S; and Engelward, B. P. (2011) Methyltransferases mediate cell memory of a genotoxic insult. Oncogene. 30: 751-756. | View Abstract
Liu, H; Fergusson, M. M; Wu, J. J; Rovira,, II; Liu, J; Gavrilova, O; Lu, T; Bao, J; Han, D; Sack, M. N; and Finkel, T. (2011) Wnt signaling regulates hepatic metabolism. Sci Signal. 4: ra6. | View Abstract
Garlena, R. A; Gonda, R. L; Green, A. B; Pileggi, R. M; and Stronach, B. (2010) Regulation of mixed-lineage kinase activation in JNK-dependent morphogenesis. J Cell Sci. 123: 3177-3188. | View Abstract