Parking for Bridgeside Point 2

Pittsburgh Technology Center Garage 

Visitors who are driving to Bridgeside Point 2 must park their cars in the Pittsburgh Technology Center Garage, a public five-story garage operated by the City of Pittsburgh. The garage is located directly across the street from Bridgeside Point 2.

Take a ticket

Neither a University of Pittsburgh nor UPMC parking tag is accepted for garage access.
Upon entering the garage, an automated attendant dispatches a ticket.  
Upon leaving the garage, an automated attendant calculates the parking fee by inserting the original ticket.  

Parking Rate

The parking garage weekday rate chart is listed below. There is no staffed cashier station. Only credit card payments are accepted.

Monday through Friday:
0-1 Hours $3
1-2 Hours $4
2-3 Hours $5
3-5 Hours $8
5-10 Hours $10
10-24 Hours $15
There is metered parking on Technology Drive, in front of the building, but it is very limited.