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After graduation, our graduate students move on to various careers. Some have opted for Academia, either at research or teaching Universities, while others have ventured into the growing biotechnology sector. Here is a listing of our recent graduates.

Hadega Aamer
Hadega Aamer
Dr. Vanessa Ante
Vanessa M. Ante
Dr. Reety Arora
Reety Arora
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Ashwini Balakrishnan
Ashwini Balakrishnan
Postdoctoral Associate
Dr. Nishank Bhalla
Nishank Bhalla
Dr. Matthew J. Brown
Matthew J. Brown
Postdoctoral Fellow
Anthony Cadena
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Elizabeth Delorme-Axford
Elizabeth Delorme-Axford
Postdoctoral Associate
Collin Diedrich
Collin Diedrich
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Robert DiFazio
Robert M. DiFazio
Postdoctoral Fellow
Mark F. Doyal
Dr. Sarah Dremel
Sarah Dremel
Dr. Coyne Drummond
Coyne Drummond
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Hermancia Eugene
Hermancia S. Eugene
Biology Instructor
Dr. Adriana Forero
Adriana Forero
Senior Fellow
Dr. Hannah Fox
Hannah Fox
Dr. Brendan Giles
Brendan M. Giles
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Stephen Godin
Stephen Godin
Postdoctoral Associate
Dr. Siobhán Gregg
Siobhán Gregg
Postdoctoral Researcher
Kimberly Griffin
Dr. Anna Guastafierro
Anna Guastafierro
Dr. Justine Harkness
Justine Harkness
Dr. Katie Harris
Katharine Harris
Post Doctoral Associate
Dr. Heming
Jason Heming
Dr. Matthew Hendricks
Matthew Hendricks
Dr. Mondraya Howard
Mondraya Howard
Dr. Jana Jacobs
Jana Jacobs
Senior Laboratory Analyst
Sean Kellner
Sean Kellner
Post-Graduate Research Assistant
Dr. Whitney Lane
Whitney Lane
Lucia Mazzacurati
Postdoctoral Associate
Dr. Sean McBurney
Sean P. McBurney
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Jamie Moroco
Jamie Moroco
Postdoctoral Associate
Dr. Puru Narute
Purushottam S. Narute
Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow
Dr. Nidadavolu
Lolita Nidadavolu
Medical Student
Dr. Shoghag Panjarian
Shoghag B. Panjarian
Dr. Ravi Patel
Ravi K. Patel
Dr. Jiayao Phuah
Jiayao Phuah
Postdoctoral Associate
Jerrod A. Poe
Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Kevin Raehtz
Kevin Raehtz
Dr. Andria Robinson
Andria R. Robinson
Postdoctoral Associate
Dr. Brian Russo
Brian C. Russo
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Deanna Schmitt
Deanna M. Schmitt
Postdoctoral Research Associate/Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Jonathan Steckbeck
Jonathan Steckbeck
Dr. Sreya Tarafdar
Sreya Tarafdar
Dr. Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor
Celestino Velasquez
Celestino Velasquez
Graduate Student
Dr. Lauren Wagner
Lauren Wagner
Associate Service Fellow
Dr. Abby Wald
Abigail Wald
Technical Specialist
Mark Weir
Kindra Whitlatch
Kindra Whitlatch
Dr. Chenjie Yang
Chenjie Yang
Technical Account Manager
Dr. Xiong Zhang
Xiong Zhang
Postdoctoral Associate