Sherry Shu, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Sherry Shu


Fax: 412-624-1401

533 Bridgeside Point II

450 Technology Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


PhD in Veterinary Biosciences, The Ohio State University

MS in Veterinary Biosciences, The Ohio State University

BVM in Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University

Research Summary


While HIV infection has long been considered incurable, the evolving knowledge of HIV persistence offers renewed hope for a cure. Our lab has joined the effort of HIV cure research by exploring the important role of HIV accessory protein Nef on AIDS pathogenesis. We study HIV acute and latent infection using humanized mouse models, as well as cell biology tools. The goal is to better understand the importance of Nef on Nef-induced receptor downregulation and HIV infectivity enhancement during acute and latent infection, and provide molecular insight as to the mechanism of Nef dimer function. My project also provides an important step towards clinical translation of Nef inhibitors targeting the dimerization and factor binding interfaces as a new strategy for antiretroviral therapy. 

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

AML is a serious hematologic cancer with limited treatment options. Up-regulation of non-receptor tyrosine kinase signaling pathways is a common feature of AML that offers unexplored opportunities for targeted therapy. We use both Xenograft mouse and patient-derived xenograft mouse models to test a unique small molecule kinase inhibitor found to potently suppress the proliferation of AML cells.  The efficacy correlated most strongly with expression of the myeloid Src-family kinase, Fgr. This project is to explore the role of Fgr as a novel therapeutic target in AML.

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Research Lab Affiliation


Li WF, Aryal M, Shu ST and Smithgall TE. (2020) HIV-1 Nef dimers short-circuit immune receptor signaling by activating Tec-family kinases at the host cell membrane. JBC 295: 5163-5174. |  View Abstract

Weir MC, Shu ST, Patel RK, Hellwig S, Chen L, Tan L, Gary NS and Smithgall TE. (2018) Selective Inhibition of the Myeloid Src-Family Kinase Fgr Potently Suppresses AML Cell Growth in Vitro and in Vivo. ACS Chem Biol. 13: 1551-1559. |  View Abstract

Shu ST, Emert-Sedlak LA and Smithgall TE. 2017. Cell-based Fluorescence Complementation Reveals a Role for HIV-1 Nef Protein Dimerization in AP-2 Adaptor Recruitment and CD4 Co-receptor Down-regulation. J Biol Chem. 292: 2670-2678. |  View Abstract

Emert-Sedlak LA, Loughran HM, Shi H, Kulp 3rd JL, Shu ST, Lazo JS, Day BW, Wrobel JE, Reitz AB and Smithgall TE. 2016. Synthesis and evaluation of orally active small molecule HIV-1 Nef antagonists. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 26: 1480-1484 |  View Abstract